Large chrome clamp desk lamp by Lumenform, (attrib)


This stylish lamp is unusually large, but it is a fine example of the Italian standard. The design, material and quality are very similar to other lamps by Lumenform. At the bottom of the lamp is a clamp to attach it to a desk. At the top is a head which holds the light source, it is adjustable in multiple directions. A real unique piece in excellent condition.
The extra large light source is included in the offer.
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Netherlands: € Free
Continental Europe: € 40 – 100
Rest of the world: € 150 – 350
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Condition: Excellent
Material: Chrome plated steel
Colors: Silver
Height: 90 cm / 35 in.
Width: 8 cm / 3 in.
Depth: 80 cm / 31 in.


Manufacturer: Lumenform (attrib)
Period: 1970s
Country of origin: Italy